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Owner & Creative Director of WRC / Celebrity Stylist

10 years ago Teddi Cranford started out in the ranks of Bumble & Bumble and Sally Hershberger, where she quickly honed the skills that set her apart. Graduating to becoming a core member to the most prestigious backstage teams in the fashion world, Teddi soon found herself jet-setting between New York, Milan, Paris and London working with the highest echelon designers; “being in Fashion taught me that ‘doing hair’ became about creating a character, a persona, a story”. Touted as being a Wunderkind, Teddi differs to many of artists out there as “a lot of Hairstylists are good at literally recreating looks, but not getting a sense of who each woman really is”. Highly sought after and repeatedly requested by high-profile Clientele, Teddi’s deep-rooted passion and specialty is using her extensive knowledge of current trends and exceptional talents to bring the runway to her clients, who don’t want a hairstyle to be something that’s done to her, but to be an extension of her inner-self.

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